Why pray?

Why pray? Choice of Muslims (Muslims) is located five times a day depending on the position of the sun. ) Early morning (Fajr) ) Around noon (Zuhr) ) Late afternoon (Asr) ) After sunset (Maghrib) ) Night (Isha) Choice must be to what time, does not mean that, for example, the night of worship, in the middle of the night, only roughly do I only once during much 0 hours. While you might expect an ,,, Nante also daily times, in fact, also overlooking the Islamic-speaking countries around the world, there is no Nante countries are obliged worship to the people, but still, Muslims will worship . I wonder why. Now, all over the world, the Islamic population, the world's population of approximately 000 million people million people out of, but people to people of the world are Muslims, such a lot of people, to hand in the values ​​of the world for a moment on the net in modern entering, there is no going to have a choice and are forced. Muslims are, however, is because I want to pray, I do. Speaking more simply, choice is because I like, is very simple.