Islamic worship - religion of Islam

Why pray? Religion and Muslims that Islam, where exposure of the media in the last few years has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, they only say that have followed faithfully to the basic teachings of Islam, is depicted as a fanatic or extremist, or often mistake on the information provided, there are many to be or was a lack of explanation. The basic practice and fundamental beliefs of Islam, actually thoughts of God, in spite of the shows the reverence, but they would be Motasa the bizarre implications through the filter by. Muslims with certainty, the existence worthy of worship other than the only God will testify that there is no. They are, Muhammad (any mercy and blessings of God) is believed to be the apostle of God. They are fasting, charity, and once in a lifetime, if possible, make the pilgrimage. The Muslims will do five times of worship day. [Even five times a day? ! ] In most cases, people who heard this thing, to show such a reaction, you can not hide the surprise. In addition, people such as that established a communication with God in their own worship method is questioned about the provision of worship in Islam.