Casio [Muslim-friendly watches

Why pray? [Muslim-friendly watch] of Casio, unexpected circumstances to hit the background Necessities of Muslims to travel the pious & overseas In the Islamic world there is a mosque around the city, went to the nearby mosque when the azan is flowing, Muslims to perform the worship in the middle and outside is large (photo Dubai mosque) Arab, who have been to the Muslims of many countries such as Turkey, would have heard the coming flow is kind of a strange song in the city. Morning, noon, but he flowing to the night and every few hours, heard may have indoors can have on the outside so considerable a large volume. There are those who will tell you that to say that [azan], became a time of prayer. Devout (expereince) a Muslim When you hear the azan, carry out or go to the mosque, the worship of the day times at at hand, such as home and workplace. Worship is done toward the direction of the Kaaba in the Mecca, to the mosque is drawn the direction of the Kaaba, do not be troubled, especially since even know the approximate direction when you worship at home or at work.