Japanese women who converted to marry a Muslim

Why pray? Japanese women who converted to marry a Muslim Islam is to limit the human rights of women, there is an assertion that. In Japan, especially after the rise of the extremist organization Islamic State (IS), only news is noticeable that bad impression, such as violence and persecution of women. I love the man of Muslims in such Japan, there are Japanese women who married convert. Or she who has what kind of life. I heard I think that each of the situation in person. Wife of the leading companies working [in reality as people work] Nakano-ku, Tokyo, was close to zero open the end of the year as from JR Nakano Station [kebab cafe Ertugrul]. When the while and bite to Kebabusando have to talk to M's Turkish owner (), G's wife finished the work () came into the shop. G's is class architect who works for a major housing manufacturers. In one piece figure not fogged Muslim women-specific hijab is only in appearance do not know and convert Muslims. I was surprised and whether there is such a pure man Years ago, each other every time you face-to-face in the restaurant was a favorite hangout, began dating so talk without even from either.