Sarato (worship)?

Why pray? Sarato (worship) How to worship The significance of worship Sarato (worship) is the most important thing in the line of Islam five, angels also [in worship Islam pillars, is the key to heaven] says. Although you do five times as worship of daily obligations, it is always to protect the teachings of Allah, him praise beauty, he vows obedience, prayer to seek the guidance and help, what to do in order to deepen the faith. It is to interact with Allah in mind that clear. It dismissed a lazy feeling, Standing solemnly a seriously worship, we recite the phrase that has been determined. Anyone you are Azuka in Allah's infinite benefit by doing so. In the hectic modern life, but there is also sometimes difficult to devote the worship to the determined time, when such is, but is in a crowded train, you can be dedicate worship. Rather, even if the factory, such as those who work, by performing the worship to the lunch break, become a new vitality to the work of the afternoon, the mind will be useful calm, even in the prevention of accidents.