Flight circumstances there is a Middle East CA

Why pray? Flight circumstances there is a Middle East CA There is also an article that the woman who posted the video walking wearing a mini skirt to the SNS was arrested in Saudi Arabia in the previous news was taken up, but I think many people know, Muslim women is public not that it is good to expose the skin in place. In particular, Saudi Arabia is strict discipline, to not have to wear the "abaya" At the time I got off the plane (women's clothes, such as a cloak to hide covering the whole body), the first place is not a Muslim, single women are entering This and itself is quite difficult. . Saudi Arabia There is a special tough place but, CA to work in the deep-rooted of the Muslim Arab has a flight in a slightly unusual rules, such as not be the Japanese. It will introduce what it is! Standing player mat (carpet for choice) on board The player mat is the rug that is used when the choice is more of Islam. It may have been standing well as the occasional accommodation. The player mat, in fact, the Middle East of the air line is Yes and standing almost all on board.