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Why pray? [For Indonesian Muslim] Islam Indonesia is about percentage of people in the Muslim, has been with the world's largest Muslim population. Indonesia with a huge population and vast land area there is religious diversity, the government has adopted a policy to respect each religion. Such a faith sincerely or, Indonesians are said to have a feeling friendly good-natured women and children. However, faith practice of Indonesian Muslims is each person. Some strict Muslims, but some very particular about not Muslim. Concerns over terrorism Recently, Indonesia over to Syria and Iraq, and out people to participate in the Islamic extremist organizations such as the so-called Islamic State (IS), the government has strengthened the crackdown, such as terrorism. However, it occurred explosion terrorism in Jakarta city Unfortunately 0 years. And shortly after the incident announced the population claimed responsibility claiming to IS, which drew public attention is considered a terrorist act by the IS will be the first in Southeast Asia.