Visit to Japan Muslim travelers welcome!

Why pray? Visit to Japan Muslim travelers welcome! The Kyoto Kimono rental dream Museum, corresponding to the Muslim-friendly, such as prayer room and halal-enabled restaurant guide. Provide a heart quietly choice and can be serviced in the private room To the current situation where tourists Muslim (Muslim) has increased significantly, we established a private prayer room of the Kyoto major kimono rental dream Museum (dream Yakata) in for Muslims. With respect to the increase of the visit to Japan Muslim travelers, hard to travel less, such as prayer room is the status quo. In the kimono rental dream Museum, aims to Muslim travelers to use easy to create an environment, began the service, such as prayer room and halal corresponding eateries of the information presented. Worship in the private room of choice for Muslims have been displayed Kiburamaku you know the direction of worship mat has also been equipped. Quiet and clean choice of space can pray regained the day-to-day and settle the mind. The shop has been enrolled Muslim staff. Muslims also tourists of the (Muslim), we are more at ease enrolled Muslim staff so that you can enjoy the tourist Kyoto assistance.